Functional specification best practices

Follow this suggested sequence below and you’ll be able to properly envelope project ideas & vision to us!

Application specification generally defines requirements needed to fulfill the design & development project. All of this information is helping us to better suit your goal, timeline and budget.



 - Write down name, email and mobile of one person that will be the main contact on your side. This person will approve designs, explain needed functions and resolve all project guidelines that will be needed. This role is called a Product owner and should be a senior from your organization, involved in major aspects of your operations.

- Explain all definitions, acronyms and abbreviations to be used in the document (this can be done as a last step when writing a spec, but should always be placed on top of the document)

- Describe your new application in couple of sentences

- Describe your PRIMARY app’s goal

- Describe your SECONDARY app’s goal

- Describe your app’s target audience

- List and prioritize all online platforms and devices your application is intended for

Functional requirements

- List of functions that you need to implement

- explain screens required by the application functions

- explain user flow and stories that should interact with previously described screens and functions


 Additional information

- Provide your market research details and links to / description of all rival / similar apps

- Express your concerns, limitations and special wishes for your future application and its role in the marketplace


Remember that a good application development spec should be truthful, unambiguous, consistent, verifiable, modifiable and traceable. Try to stay away from generic requirements such as “the app should never crash” or “the app should respond quickly to a user query” and provide quantitative requirements instead such as “each button push should provide a response within 100 ms”.


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