MailChimp integration scope

Neuralab is an official MailChimp expert partner and we can help you in integrating Newsletter, email automation or transactional mail services.

Here is a list of MailChimp supported functions:

 - Classic Mailchimp - Sending Newsletters on Campaign basis, good for keeping users in the loop with newest content from your portal or mobile app

 - Automation - Sometimes called DRIP campaign, good for sending emails on various "triggers" that can be either purchase of a product, subscription to your service, new user sign-up or any "digital event" that you can think of. Automation of drip emails presumes that you will send either one email OR even a series of emails on some predefined interval. For instance > send email after user purchases one product, but send also one more email (after two weeks) with relevant products.

 - Transactional - These types of emails are sent using Mandrill service and include "forgot password" emails, notification emails, account alerts, "change password" emails etc.


To give you the best possible estimate please answer these questions:

1. Can you describe your goals of sending emails via MailChimp?

2. Do you have a user base in your application?

3. Do you have a user list in Mailchimp? (and is it segmented by gender, date of birth, city etc.)?

4. What types of emails would you like to send (newsletters, short notices, featured products)

5. Do you have a design done for these emails?

6. Please explain the content that will be included in your emails and who will be responsible for it?

7. What data from your current application should we integrate into the MailChimp (your webshop products, articles, users, pages, raw data etc.)



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